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Every person is unique and Ana dedicates her energy to a few clients at a time, so as to offer a focused lightwork approach.

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Horary Reading

Have a question? Ask a question and let the cosmos speak and guide through the planets.Questions may range from:

  • Is this purchase a good investment?
  • Will I do well in my new job?
  • Will I find my cat?
  • Is my partner cheating?
  • How do I get affected from this move?
  • What are his/her feelings towards me?


Birth Chart

This is a brilliant way to get a road map on yourself. It is key that you provide details, such as place (town or city), time and date of your birth. Great for receiving guidance through your own map! Great to support relationships and goals. Great for self-development. Great for gaining deeper understanding of oneself.


Nutritional Chart

This is building on your birth chart, to include detailed guidelines on a supportive health and nutritional programme. This includes exercise and supplement advice. Uniquely designed nutritional guidelines are offered, to support your optimum state of well-being and vitality.


Nutritional support

This is a dedicated service, whereby you have access to your private Nutrionist. Message any time! Ask questions about labels on the food you are buying. Do you need to know if bananas are good for you? Is there a way to eat chocolate and not get fat?

This is a dedicated service whereby your constitution, lifestyle and social/economic factors are considered. By having your own personal Nutritionist on call, you are sure to have committed support! This type of support enables you to reach your goals in body health and feel that more energized. We all need support. There is so much conflicting information online.

Through this service your guidelines and feedback are uniquely designed to support you in your quest to greater health! Remember we all have a unique body that reacts differently to various foods etc. Get nurturing guidance and begin to understand your body, and begin to understand how it communicates with you.

Celtic/Slavic feminine guidance

This involves highly guided insights into a deeper connection to trigger self-love and acceptance. Compassion and understanding are developed, as you begin to feel, appreciate and honour your beauty.

Smile from within and begin to feel happiness radiate from an abundance of love.


Numerology Chart

This is based on your full name and date of birth. The revelations brought through Numerology have been used for many years. This helps you gain a greater perception and understanding of your deeper psychology, life path, weaknesses, strengths and talents. Knowing all of this is enabling and empowering.

Remember the more you know about something the better choices you can make! For example, you may know a little bit about a machine and you know how to operate it at a basic level. Yet to get the full potential from that machine, you need to know how it works! To understand it on a much greater level. What happens if the machine falters? You may call an expert? You may feel powerless? You don’t know how to ‘fix it’. The expert knows the machine very well and straight away can see what has caused the fault and what is needed to be done, in order to get it operational.

In a way, this is like you. The more you know about yourself, the better. Should you feel less optimal and in a difficult situation, you know what you need in order to heal and recover! You need to know more about yourself, to do this. It can be called intuition, gut feeling or a sense of being guided. The key is learning about yourself is priceless!

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