Introducing Ana

Anastacia looks forward to assisting you with understanding and compassion.


“The unexamined life is not worth living”

– Socrates –

Introducing Ana


Anastacia was born on the east coast of South Africa. Her mom is remembered as being very kind and gentle with extrasensory gifts. Throughout her childhood, Anastacia’s mom was a great mentor and always taught her that kindness and love are Universal bonds.

Interestingly Anastacia’s paternal grandmother was deeply interested in astrology and practiced divination such as did tea leaf readings. From toddler years, Anastacia grew up always with her friendly animal companions/pets. Of course there was always the loyal dog, perceptive cat, friendly rat (yes rats make loving pets), the talkative bird and occasional stray tortoise or duck. 

Anastacia and her family enjoyed evening walks and looking up at the stars, which was associated with concentrating on meaning and perception.

Life was not always easy and yet it was all an experience. Through an experience – may well be an opportunity to develop and cultivate greater compassion and understanding. .



Aged 16 . . .

By age 16, Anastacia had began practicing divination and actively practised astrology, palmistry, tarot and numerology as the years went by. It was about this time that Anastacia reduced and later ceased eating meat based foods from animals. She excelled at school and studied nutritional medicine and iridology.



And now . . .

Many years on, Anastacia offers a range services, including hororary readings, birth and compatibility charts and guidance for women. Studying and learning are graceful parts of Anastacia’s life.

Anastacia mainly believes in a whole food plant based diet, with a great loving relationship with nature, human potential and balanced healing. Her only regret is that she can only dedicate her energy to a few clients at a time. 

Anastacia lives close to Nature in a friendly and quaint village, always close to water with her loving and intuitive partner at her side. Of course there is the loyal dog who is part of the family home. 

Long ago you were told that you see with your eyes but see nothing,
that you hear with your ears and hear nothing.

Your eyes register images but fail to see them
for what they truly are.

Your ears hear the sound of words
but fail to understand their meaning, and their depth.

In this world of distractions,
we almost always allow our attentions
to be pulled from thing to thing
and from side to side.

Little do we realize
just how much the human mind
has become a puppet on a string.

But who is the string-master?
Who is the puppeteer?

Round and around we go,
where we stop nobody knows.
And so the games continue,
and life is more about playtime and games
than it is about real work,
and real accomplishments.

Every wheel that is square
will always be most difficult to move.
Yet, this is the type of movement
that describes the lives of most people.

I can share the wise words
to round the square
so that it can move with ease.

Many will nod their heads in agreement
and then retire to debate
how this is to be done.
In the end, nothing gets done,
and life remains difficult.
There is no gain, no benefit in this.

And the puppeteer smiles,
and he pulls your strings.

To round the square
is not a hard thing
but it does mean to cut corners,
literally so!
Cutting means removing.
What needs to be removed first
are the false ideas in our minds
that are the foundation
of many of the principles
that we hold dear.

Change the way you think,
and you can change the way you feel.
Change the way you feel
and you can change the way you act.
This is the order of the worlds.

Change in thought entails
not what we cast out,
bu rather what we take in.
In the beginning G-d created
both light and darkness,
both good and evil.
G-d embraces them both
as the Divine tools
to execute the Will of Heaven.

For good and evil, light and dark
only exist from the perspective
of human consciousness.

For G-d there is only Unity.
For humanity,
there is only desperation and division.
One who wishes to flow with
the Spirit of G-d,
must first embrace the Way of G-d.
Let your eyes see this.
Let your ears hear
what it is that I am saying.
And be careful, very careful
not to see in my words,
or to understand from them
any lesson, or teaching
that I am not teaching.

Know the Whole,
and you will know the One.
Understand the secret
of the right and left,
and two hands,
the two feet,
the two sexes.

Only together do the two make One.
Only the one below
can know the One above,
and thus see and hear
what there is to be seen and heard.

Know the secret of that which unites.
Merge the duality, create the unity.
When this is accomplished,
then no more words
will need to be said about this.

– Rabbi Ariel B Tzadok –

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.”

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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Introducing Ana



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