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“The unexamined life is not worth living”

– Socrates –


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Since Anastacia was in her mid teenage years, she began to study astrology, nutrition and healing. The science and art of astrology is a life long study. For centuries astrology has been practised and yet so many valuable scrolls/books on the subject of astronomy and astrology have been lost or destroyed. So today we have diluted forms of astrology yet it is a rich subject to practice and learn.

Here astrology is not offered to be misused or ‘dolled up’, rather to help guide you to have greater insight and understanding.

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You may need an emotional overhaul, or seek answer to a puzzling problem. You may have questions on relationship matters, business and commerce challenges, or just need ongoing support in your life. You may be perplexed by the abundance of health information and not know what could help your state of recovery or to reach your goals. You should email and ask. 

See the Services on this website, to begin to understand more about horary astrology and much more!

From horary readings, numerology, astrology, nutritional guidance and deep emotional healing, Anastacia may be able to serve you. Your path to healing, clarity and de-cluttering your life can begin any time! 

You are welcome to send a message. Please know that Anastacia personally answers all emails and will be answering you directly. A limited amount of clients can be accommodated. Please indicate if your issue is urgent, when making contact.

“To exist is to change. To change is to mature, and to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly”

– Henry Bergson –

Services on Offer

Horary Reading

Have a question? Ask a question and let the cosmos speak and guide through the planets. Do you have a perplexing problem and need some clarity? Horary astrology may be extremely useful in such cases.

Birth Chart

This is a fabulous way to get a road map on yourself. A birth chart is exceptional for personal psychology and to become aware of your inherent talents. It gives guidance on how to support your possible weaknesses and to lift self doubts. It is brilliant for self understanding and understanding others. It is key that you provide details, such as place (town or city), time and date of your birth.

Compatibility Chart

Before you join a partnership with a potential business partner, spouse or any relationship, it is often worth having a compatibility chart done. Become aware how your birth chart interacts with your partner’s birth chart. This type of chart shows how two individuals may support each other and yet also, how they might stifle or anger each other. It dives right down into the perplexing analysis of interactions, social dynamics and outcomes for partnerships.

Nutritional Chart

This is building on your birth chart, to include detailed guidelines on a supportive health and nutritional programme. Detailed daily meal plans and supplemental products are provided. Especially susceptible body parts, organs and systems are revealed. The chart is empowering!  Preventative measures may be taken from this chart, in order to support a life of quality. Health care is expensive and preventative measures save a great deal in the long run. It is worth knowing how to support your physical body with nutritious meals and a well balanced lifestyle. A state of health increases life quality in magnitudes.

Nutritional Support

This is a dedicated service, whereby you have monthly access to a private Nutritionist. Message any time! Ask questions about labels on the food you are buying. There is overwhelming free health information available on the internet and social media, yet it is often conflicting and confusing. To use an expert in a field, saves many hours of trying to figure out information.

  Numerology Chart

 This is based on your full name and date of birth. The revelations brought through Numerology have been used for many years. This chart is part of developing self understanding, and an important tool to apply in personally psychology. If you do not know your time of birth to have a birth chart done, this type of chart may be better suited.

Celtic/Slavic feminine guidance

This involves highly guided insights into a deeper connection to trigger self-love and acceptance. It is all about connecting within and may have deep transformative healing effects.

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